Hiring a professional painting service is the best way to transform your home quickly. Painting is a fantastic way to personalize your home and make it reflect your unique personality. But painting by yourself can take a long time and it can be expensive and difficult. It’s easy and affordable to change any room in your home with professional painting service.

DIY Painting vs Professional Painters

Many homeowners think that painting is easy and assume they can save money by doing painting projects at home by themselves. But the reality is that DIY painting can be more expensive than hiring professional painters. The costs of all the additional equipment needed to create the perfect paint job in addition to the paint can add up fast.

There is also the cost of the time that it takes to prep the area before painting. Just prepping the area for painting can take several days if you’re doing it on your own. Professional painters already have the gear and tools needed to paint in your home quickly and efficiently.

And professional painters have the training and experience to make your paint job picture perfect. Painting is an art and a science and professional painters are skilled artists with the solid knowledge of technique necessary to make sure that every paint job in your home is done right with great attention to detail.

Another reason why hiring professional painters is a smart choice for homeowners is safety. Exterior painting, or painting large rooms indoors, can mean lots of work done on tall ladders. Painting professionals have construction grade ladders and equipment to make it safer to work up high. And professional painters are used to working and moving on ladders and other equipment.

Professional Painting Services

Professional painters do paint rooms but they can also do a lot more. Specialty painting like custom designed murals in a home office, a playroom, or your child’s room will add a beautiful unique touch to your home.

And painting unique spaces like bathrooms, media rooms, and basements should always be done by professionals so that the right kind of paint is used. Bathrooms and basements require special moisture resistant paint. And media room and other specialized spaces also need a professional touch to make them function the way that they’re supposed to. Just some of the professional painting services that experienced painting pros can do around your home include things like:

  • Exterior house painting
  • Interior room painting
  • Murals and custom painting designs for nurseries, kids’ rooms, and more.
  • Cabinetry painting
  • Door painting
  • Garage and outbuilding painting
  • Popcorn and textured ceilings
  • Bathroom painting
  • Basement and bonus room painting
  • Media room painting

How To Hire A Home Painter

Anytime you are hiring a service professional that is going to be working in or around your home you should take some time to make sure that you are hiring someone that is reliable and trustworthy. You should always be careful whenever you are hiring someone to work in your home. That’s why when you are hiring a house painter there are some things that you should look for which will help you figure out whether or not a house painter is reliable like:

Insurance Considerations

Any contractor or company that is going to work on your home or in your home should have insurance and be bonded. That is for their protection as well as yours. Always ask a contractor or company that you are considering hiring if they carry insurance and if they and their employees are bonded. Don’t consider working with any contractor or company that doesn’t have the proper insurance.

Homeowner Reviews

One of the best ways to find reliable house painters is to rely on the reviews of other homeowners. Homeowners who have had painting work done are quick to sing the praises of good painters and they are even quicker to tell you about the bad ones. When you are reading reviews look for the painters that have the best reviews and put those painters and companies at the top of your list.

Get Estimates

Home service providers like painting companies should always offer you a free estimate. If a painter or company wants to charge you for an estimate don’t work with that painter or company. When a technician comes out to do the estimate that is your chance to talk to them one on one and get a sense of what that person is. The estimate should include the full service and equipment needed to do the job.

But remember that sometimes the best house painter for the job won’t have the lowest estimate. Many painters will give you low estimates on purpose to get the job, and then they will add to that estimate later on. Trust a painter that gives you an inclusive estimate that is itemized and lists everything that they will need to do the job over one that offers you a low estimate just because they think that a low estimate will get them the job.

HoME Painting Contractors vs HoME Painting Companies

Whether you hire a home painting contractor or a home painting company depends on factors like the size of the painting job and the painters that are available in your area. If you’re painting the exterior of your home or garage then a home painting company might be the right choice because a company would have more resources, tools, and staff to get bigger jobs done quickly. But if you want to have a custom mural painted on your child’s wall then a home painting contractor with a background in fine art might be a better choice.

Costs of Home Painting

The cost of house painting varies according to several different factors. Things like the size of the room or the size of the home, the time of the year, the type of paint being used, whether or not it’s a custom piece of art, and how much paint will be needed to do the job an all have an impact on the price. That’s why getting a free custom estimate for a painting job is the best way to get started. It’s really impossible to gauge how much the job will cost until the painting contractor or company has all the details of the job and has seen the space.

How To Find A Home Painter Near Me

There are painting contractors and painting companies ready to help you transform your home right now. Call our home painter phone number to talk with a customer service specialist that can help connect you to painting professionals that are highly recommended, insured, and ready to start work in your area.